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Use Daily Recognition to Boost Sales and Contest Results

Use Daily Recognition to Boost Sales and Contest Results

There is one little thing that you are probably not doing and should that will boost your sales with very little effort and ZERO money. Recognition. That one simple thing can make a HUGE difference in your sales

Think of all the ways you can recognize accomplishments on a daily basis and use that to boost your contests:

Sales Meetings:
Have yesterday’s top achiever’s names on the white board. Make sure you include how much contest credit those sales representatives earned for their efforts.

“Casual” Remarks”:
When passing your rep in the hallway or meeting them at the coffee maker, make sure to mention how great they did yesterday and remind them of their progress on the current sales campaign.

Phone Calls:
All it takes is a 3 minute phone call to make a huge difference in your representative’s day. Just pick up the phone and tell them you noticed how well they did XYandZ yesterday and how excited you are that they earned extra credit in the weekly or monthly contest.

Social Media:
Whether its Twitter, Facebook or whatever the latest greatest social media is, giving your sales representatives a little praise online is always a winner. We post pictures with sales contracts, mention their names when they have outshined their peers and make sure to recognize anyone who has met the daily goal.

Text Messages:
This is probably the easiest! A simple “Great job yesterday! You’re well on your way to win XYZ contest!” goes a LONG way in encouraging and motivating your sales representatives to do the same thing today. Sent first thing in the morning, it is a nice way for them to start the day off with a smile.

If you really want to take your sales team to the next level, utilize ALL of these! You will be surprised how well your representatives respond to the positive attention!

If you really sit back and think about it, it doesn’t take much positive attention to motivate your sales people. It is up to you, as manager and leader, to recognize their accomplishments! Sometimes, recognizing and praising small accomplishments can lead up to bigger and better ones. Positive reinforcement is so much more effective than negative.

You want to be the person they look to when they need encouragement, not the person they are afraid of when they have had a bad day.

Above all else, remember that sales are supposed to be FUN!

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