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FREE Sales Contests! 10 Ways To Motivate Your Sales Team Without Spending a Dime!

FREE Contests! 10 ways to Motivate Your Sales Team Without Spending a Dime!

Sometimes we get so caught up in contests and promotions and kill ourselves trying to come up with the next new perfect thing and completely forget about things we can do to motivate people without spending a lot of money on cash and prizes.

1 – Special Parking Spot. Okay. You do have to spend a little money getting the sign made but that’s negligible when it comes to the prestige of having a top sales parking spot. You only pay for the sign once, it pays for itself month in and month out. Make it a sweet spot that EVERYONE wants and put a sign. Make an announcement at the end of the last sales period that “John” has earned top sales and is therefore privileged enough to park in that spot.

2 – Top Dog message board. This one really is absolutely free. We all have white boards in our sales meeting room. Have a “top dog” spot. The top dog from last week (or yesterday!) gets to have their name displayed on the top of the board all week or all day long.

3 – Top Dog benefits!  Now that your “top dog” has their name displayed at the top of the board, allow them the “honor” of holding part of the sales meeting every day. Keep their portion of the meeting short and sweet. Not only does this allow the others to hear from someone who is rocking and rolling, it gives YOU a little breathing room too!

4 – VIP Treatment! Who doesn’t want VIP treatment? Let your top guy have the red carpet treatment for the week. No matter what your business or your office set up, your guys have their favorites of everything. Let those things be exclusive to the weekly VIP. Have a special VIP chair for the meetings that is more comfortable than therest, have your receptionist make him coffee just the way he likes it. Whatever you can think of within your office, have the top salesperson get VIP treatment all the way for the whole week. I promise you, the other ones will work hard to be “king of the week” next week.

5 – Lunch Boss! Every company is different so this may or may not apply to your organization. In our office, we all decide collectively where we are going to order from. It would be a great way to recognize your guys by letting them decide where to order lunch from for the week. Maybe you have a cafeteria… Let the top sales person be NUMBER ONE in line!

6 – Insider Perks. Let your top dog be “in” on important meetings and actually listen to their input. Not only do they get to feel important, you get a whole new perspective of things and will probably benefit from their input!

7 – Time with the BOSS! Believe it or not, your sales team values time with you more than you realize. Just having undivided time with you is invaluable to them! Take them to lunch with you, let them shoot a game of pool with you or a round of golf. A little goes a long way with this category!

8 – Let them help you plan the NEXT contest! By involving your top guy in planning your next contest you make them feel important. As a side benefit, you get to see what really motivates your sales team!

9 – Give them a “bye”. In sports, sometimes teams get to automatically qualify to compete with other teams. Perhaps your “top dog” would earn a “bye” for the next contest and automatically earn extra entries in the next drawing or contest for being the number one guy the previous week!

10 – Best for the best! Let your number one guy for last week have access to the number one leads for this week! Like in the classic sales movie “Glen Gary, Glen Ross”, the leads go to the closers! The best sales person last week deserves their pick of the sales leads (or appointments) for this week.

When its all said and done, creating a winning sales team all boils down to recognition.

You CANNOT recognize your people for their achievements too much.

Don’t praise them for bad work but find ANY good reason to notice them for doing the right things!

Always remember to HAVE FUN!