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7 Telemarketing & Appointment Setting Tricks That Work!

Seven Proven Telemarketing & Appointment Setting Tricks That Work!

Are you having trouble getting your telemarketers or sales people to set appointments? Try out these proven methods to get immediate results for your business!

1. Act like you already know them.
Your script should read like this:
“Hey, ________ (prospect)?!?! (sound like you would when calling your friends!). You don’t know me but this is __________ (your name) from (your company) and I was calling you about _______ (objective of phone call).

The purpose of this is to catch them off guard. If someone calls me on my cell or at the office and asks to speak to “Mrs. Smith” I am immediately putting my guard up. If someone calls me and says, “hey Mary?!?!!!” I think I already know them. That is a huge step in the right direction when it comes to phone work.

2. Smile!
I know this sounds simplistic but it is so important I had to include it. You project what you are thinking whether you like it or not. Imagine your mom calls you. All she does is say “hello”. It is easy for you to tell by the tone and timbre of her voice if she is upset, excited, nervous or scared. The same thing goes for you. A smile transfers over the phone. Smile. Every single phone call.

3. Dress for Success
You don’t have to put on a full suit and tie but if you are trying to make phone calls in your pajamas, that reads over the phone. If you are dressed for work, it shows! It is the tiny nuances in phone calls that can spell disaster or success. This is one of those tiny things that makes a big difference. I love my PJs as much (or more) than the next guy but I sound completely different on the phone when dressed in a suit than I do dressed to cut the grass. Dress the part. It pays off.

4. Create a Sense of Urgency
A “do it now” mindset really helps propel your business. Push for the first appointment time you have available, the sooner the better. Like NOW. Like today. Fudge a bit and say you have an unexpected opening in your schedule. Records show that any appointments scheduled for more than 3 days away are far more unlikely to happen than something scheduled for today or tomorrow. Make it happen NOW.

5. Be Enthusiastic
This may be something you already know. The thing is, is it something you are already DOING? Probably not. Between me and you, I really HATE phone work. Without telemarketing, my business would be non-existent. It is a necessary evil. To generate enthusiasm, I envision myself actually on the appointment, making that sales call. I drink coffee. I read jokes. Whatever I need to do to put myself in that enthusiastic happy frame of mind, I do it. It works!

6. Have Your Objections Prepared
Every industry has standard objections. Have your objections planned and prepared. Make sure you focus your objections on getting the appointment secured and not on them buying or not buying your product or service. A generic one would sound like “I know you are not in the market to buy right now but if you could give me ____ minutes of your time, I’d like to show you how XYZ product can help make your life easier.”

We all know that the secret to sales is just to be able to pitch your product or service. By telling them you “know” they aren’t buying, they are actually more inclined to do business with you once you get in the door because they don’t feel pressured. People don’t buy under pressure.

7. Call to Action
Immediately following any objection and your response to the objection should be “I have an appointment available at _____ (day/time) or (day/time). For example, “I know you are not in the market to buy right now but if you could give me ____ minutes of your time, I’d like to show you how XYZ product can help make your life easier. If you are interested in learning more, I have an appointment available this evening around 4 pm or would tomorrow around 1 work better for you?”

Offering two different dates and times changes your prospects mindset about IF they are going to let you make an appointment to WHEN you are going to set the appointment. It works!

I know I promised seven but I had more and kept going!! I hate making phone calls but I love the results!

8. Name Drop
Whether you talk about previous high-profile clients or people that they know if you work off of referrals, drop those names! This gives you credibility. Mention clients you have dealt with in the past in an offhand manner. For example, “_________ (impressive name) sat down with me last week and was really impressed with the results. I’d love to show you what my gizmo could do for you!”

9. The “On My Way Home” Trick
This one is a gold mine for late day appointments. Use all of the above methods and just add in “I could come by on my way home and make it a quick one. My (husband/wife) is expecting me home early so I will have to make it a quick one!”

Believe it or not, this works more than most anything (I’m saving my best material for last). When your customers perceive that you are just “swinging by” “on your way home”, they are much more relaxed about the appointment which means they are much more likely to buy whatever product or service you are selling!

10. Use Your Contest
Most all sales companies and telemarketers are in a daily, weekly or monthly contest. USE THIS! Let your potential customers know they are helping you by just letting you meet with them. Even if you aren’t getting contest credit for the appointment, more appointments leads to more sales so it does help you.

In a telemarketing conversation it might go like this (using the previous successful methods as well) “Mr. Prospect, if I could swing by on the way home, not only do you get to see what awesome thing I have to show you but you also help me earn credit for my most awesome contest I am in. If you can help me out, I have an appointment available this evening at ____ or tomorrow at ______. I appreciate your help so much and I promise, you don’t have to buy a thing!

11. Squeeze You In
This is the last one and it’s my favorite. You have probably seen this one before on my blog and that’s because it really works. That little phrase “squeeze you in” makes so much money it’s unreal!!!

After you have implemented everything from above, just add “I can squeeze you in tonight around 5 or tomorrow around 1. My schedule fills up really fast but I know I can guarantee those times. Which works better for you?”

PS. You may have NOTHING on your schedule but you NEVER want your customers to know it. Busy people make things happen. Be busy!

As an award-winning phone room / telemarketer manager for over 5 years, I know these methods work. Whether for an individual sales person or for a marketing or phone room manager, try some of these for a day or two and see the positive results you get. Above all, HAVE FUN!!