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The power of a daily sales contest – Motivate your sales team with $1.00!

As sales managers, we often times focus on long-term contests to motivate our sales force.  When we do this, we miss out on the energy and productivity of a quick one day contest!  Put yourself in the shoes of your sales people.  What do they want on a daily basis?  Recognition!  Employee recognition is more important to them than almost anything you can do.

  Combine a chance to win cash or prizes with recognition and you are guaranteed to see results! 

When running a quick sprint or daily contest, it gives you the opportunity to focus on what your team needs the most.  The first thing to look at is where your “hole” is.  Do you need more prospects?  Is your database low on sales leads?  Are your guys making enough phone calls?  Maybe you need to have more demonstrations or sales presentations?  Lastly, maybe your guys need a little extra push to close those sales.

Whatever the “hole in the dam” of your business is, identify it and use a one-day contest to push your team into the action that your business needs!

Let’s look at the order of which the sale takes place (regardless of industry):

1.  Prospecting (finding the leads) – this may be placing ads online or in the newspaper, trade shows or home shows, cold calling or contacting previous buyers.

This has to occur before ANY other action can take place.  If your guys have no leads to contact, there certainly can’t be any sales made.  There is no one to sell to.

 2.  Contacting the leads – if your business doesn’t have enough appointments or sales calls and you have a database full of leads, this is the hole in your dam.

 3.  Is your product being displayed enough times?  Are you showing that house as many times as you’d like to?  Are your guys meeting with decision makers, pushing for the sale?  If your company doesn’t have enough chances to make a sale, sales will not happen!

4.  Closing the sale:  typically on daily contests, closing is the last thing to promote.  We all know that if you get your guys into action, doing the things that result in sales, the sales will happen!

As a company, money is not made until the sale is made.  Therefore, unless you are contesting the sale itself, you want to have a smaller budget.  For a daily contest, you want your budget to be roughly 1% of the sales price of your product, per representative.  For example, if your product sells for $100.00, your representative would have a chance to win $1.00.

 I know that $1.00 sounds low but I’m about to show you how to multiply that for both you and them!

Let’s look at this $1.00.  It is almost nothing in the grand scheme of things but you can turn that dollar into a hundred more!  Suppose your “hole” in your business is phone calls.  Your guys are just plain unmotivated to even pick up the phone.  If you’re like me, your initial reaction is for your blood pressure to go up and you want to whack them upside the head with the phone.  But… we can’t do that.  What we can do as leaders is give them a little positive push!

Get all of your guys together and announce that you’d like to buy them all lunch today.  Explain that they are all grown men and women and know by now there is no such thing as a free lunch.  For each contact (not phone call), they will receive $1.00.  They have one hour to get in touch with as many people as they can to set appointments for sales calls.  You’d be surprised how quickly those phone lines are buzzing with potential sales on the other end of the line.  Be sure to pay them that dollar just as soon as they are finished with that phone call.  THE RECOGNITION is just as important as the money!

In the next step, I’ll show you how to turn those little dollars into big dollars!

Add a little bonus on it for both them and your company!  Tell them that not only do you want to buy their lunch today but you want to buy them dinner Friday night!  Before they even get on the phones, let them know that they get that dollar for getting the contact but if that contact results in a sales call or presentation (or home showing or however your particular business works), you will give them $5.00 for each one!

 Will they really work for that low amount?  Yes!  Its free dinner!!

What you want to do is specify a time frame that they have to complete that sales call.  I personally like to keep it within three days at the longest.  The whole reason for the daily contest is activity NOW – not next week or next month.  Once that time frame that you specify is over, pay each of them the “free dinner” money that they have earned.  Be sure to do this in front of the group, preferably at a sales meeting.  Again, the RECOGNITION of having earned it is just as important as the money they are getting.

That is only one example of a one day contest (that turned into a weekly boost).  Check back here soon!  I’m working on a list of easy to promote contests that are great for your sales people as well as your phone room!

Good luck and happy selling!  Remember to HAVE FUN!!