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5 Quick & Easy Sales Contests You Can Use Today!

5 Quick & Easy Sales Contests You Can Use Today!

 1.  Missing Key

Set-up is easy.  Simply get two padlocks from the same brand.  Throw one lock away (or put to the side) but save the key.  Have 20 copies (or 50 or 100) of the key made for the lock that you threw away.  Have ONE key that will open the lock you will be using.  Have a lock box or a door that will open with the correct key.  Toss all of the keys in a bag.

Contest:  Each time your employee accomplishes a specified task (books an appointment, completes a sale, etc), they earn a key.  On payout day, draw names to see what order they can choose keys from the bag.  The key that opens the lock wins the prize inside.  The prizes can be as simple as a dinner for two or as elaborate as you want to go!  We did this with keys to a Jeep!  Whichever key cranked it up got to keep the vehicle!

 Tip:  You can find lock (treasure) boxes at craft stores for a very low price!

 2.  High Card

Get some HUGE playing cards at your local party store.  Our local store only carries the face cards but I have found a whole deck on Amazon.  Lay all the cards face down on a table.  Your salespeople earn tickets in a drawing for completing a sale (or generating leads or whatever you need them to do)  Have a drawing and the winner gets to pick a card.  Better yet, have a drawing and have four winners who all get to select a card.  Have them hold the cards up all at the same time for a dramatic reveal.  The person with the high card (Ace of Spades) wins the jackpot or prize.

 3.  Dice for Dollars

This is great for a phone room contest or to get your guys on the phones with potential customers.  Buy some big foam dice.  Each time your telemarketer or sales person makes an appointment they get to roll the dice.  They earn dollars for every dot on the dice.  You can use one die (up to $6.00 per appointment) or use two if your budget allows.

This can be a really fun game as those foam dice go everywhere when you roll them!

 4.  Bottoms Up Cup

This is a fun, interactive game that you only need a pack of Solo cups for!  Buy a pack of solo cups and turn them all “bottoms up” on a table.  Have a prize (or 10) under randomly selected cups.  You can just print up a piece of paper with their winnings on it or, if you are feeling extra creative, use something that indicates what they have won.  For example, if they are in a contest to win a trip to the beach, you could have a small sunscreen bottle under the winning cups.  You can have as many winners as you’d like!  Just put all of the contestants in a drawing and let them earn tickets for whatever activity you need them to do.  When their name is pulled, they get to select a cup for “bottoms up”!

 5.  Balloon Pop

Inexpensive and easy to set up!  Simply buy a pack of balloons at a discount store (usually less than $5.00 for 100).  Type or print prizes, fold several times to fit into mouth of the balloon.  Just blow them up, tie them off and you are set up!  You can attach them to a wall with pushpins or tape or simply have them in a giant box or basket.  The winner gets to pop a balloon and get the prize inside!  For even more fun, find some giant balloons online and make it a HUGE payout!

There you go, five easy sales contest ideas you can implement right away!  The most important thing is to have fun!  The more fun your guys have, the more productive they will be!

Have FUN!