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Don’t learn the hard way (like I had to do)!

Here are some free resources to help you avoid rookie mistakes PLUS save time and frustration!

I recommend you download the free “Top Ten Mistakes When Planning a Contest (and how you can avoid them)” first.  It is a printable PDF that you can save right to your computer.

This nugget of gold will save you countless hours of frustration and help you begin streamlining your sales contests right away!  Print this up.  Tape it to your wall.  Use it a a reference for every contest you create!

Stuck for contest ideas?  You’re not alone!  

Creating contests from scratch isn’t a gift.  It is a learned skill.

After years of trial and error, I have come up with a proven brainstorming tool that makes creating your next great contest just as easy as filling out a 6-part form!

It is a combination worksheet, brainstorming tool and time-table.  Best of all, it is designed with the end result in mind!

You can download your own free downloadable PDF here:

SalesContestIdeas.com – Brainstorming Worksheet

Save this to your computer and print it out.  Use it to come up with your next sales contest idea.

Check back soon!  I am working on 3 more downloadable printables that can help you create successful sales contests.