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Boost Your Sales Campaigns With Social Media

using social media for sales contests

Are the regular leader boards and contest boards feeling old and stale? Try adding social media (like Facebook, Twitter, etc)

If your company or department doesn’t have a Facebook and Twitter page, you’re missing the boat!

This is a quick, easy and best of all FREE way to promote your current contest campaign. Let’s say you have XYZ campaign going on… Each time someone reaches a milestone like a completed presentation or a delivered sale, it only takes a few clicks of the mouse and typing a few words to not only promote your contest or sales campaign but most importantly provide recognition to your sales person.  This is far more important to your sales force than you may realize!

As you know, sales people thrive on positive recognition. The more positive recognition we as managers and business owners can give to our sales reps, the better. Of course, our sales men and women love to earn plaques and awards for being to “top dog” but the little things we do to show that we notice them go a long way and social media is a great way to do this without spending a single penny.

Social media is such a powerful (and again FREE) way to promote your contest and also your business!

Almost every day, one of our reps will “share” our Facebook post on their personal Facebook wall. Think about it. Of course they are… We are bragging on them! They want their friends and family to see that they are doing great things! Not only is this a plug for them, it is also a plug for your company!

You’ll know your social media efforts are worthwhile when you have days like I do. I get texts and phone calls from all over our territory telling me what they have accomplished. Yes, they want my approval but most of all, they want me to put it on Facebook. I manage a sales team of approximately 50 people but our territory has about 200 awesome people. I automatically put “my” team’s successes and contest progression on Facebook but since they whole territory knows that I manage our company Facebook page, they are sure to text me right away with what they have achieved because they know it will be on Facebook within 5 minutes, regardless of the time of day.

Funny enough, I am typing this at 7:30 at night. I am off of work. All of our sales calls are completed for the day. As I am writing, I get a text from a sales person who is in my territory but doesn’t work at our office. He got a sale. Why would he let me know that this time of day? He knows it will be on Facebook.  That’s powerful.

Even though I am at home and off the clock, I make sure to take a second and put it on the company’s Facebook page. It is totally worth it.

Try this simple, easy and free way to promote your current sales contest and let me know how it goes!

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Fun and Funny Holidays Your Company Can Celebrate

Fun and Funny Holidays Your Company Can Celebrate

People like to have fun. Sales people like to have even more fun!

What’s more fun than celebrating some obscure holiday nobody even knows about? I mean, Christmas and Easter are easy to create sales contests around but what about my personal favorite Talk Like a Pirate day? It is traditionally celebrated on September 19th. Imagine your sales people going around the office talking like a pirate! Too funny!

On a more practical note, you could encourage your guys to contact all of their sales leads that start with “arrrrr”. It’s all about having fun!

Here’s a list of some other obscure and fun holidays your sales team can have fun with:

January 19th – Popcorn Day
Have your sales guys offer a free bag of microwave popcorn to your customers to celebrate the holiday! I promise, your customers will get a kick out of it too! Plus, they get to have a snack on the house! Or how about a freshly popped bag of popcorn for every customer that comes in that day?

February 26th – National Pistachio Day (its nutty!)
Have your sales reps follow up with their “nuttiest” customers! How about getting your sales reps to “get out of the box” and do the scariest thing they can think of when it comes to sales? Maybe have them go completely “nuts” and challenge them to knock doors?

March 14th – National Pi Day
Contest your telemarketers to make 314 phone calls. Challenge the whole sales team to bring in 314 sales leads. Bonus sales that have the number 3 1 and 4 in them. The possibilities are endless! Have an actual pie at the end of the day for the sales people who rose up to the challenge. Everyone loves pie!

April 13th – Scrabble Day
Have each sales person draw a scrabble tile. Whatever letter they draw, they target prospects beginning with that letter. I pity the poor guy who draws a “Z”. If someone draws a blank tile, they get to pick whatever letter they choose! You can find extra scrabble tiles at Aamazon.com here( Scrabble Tiles (100 Letters Tiles))for less than five bucks.

May 11th – Twilight Zone Day
Twilight Zone is the “5th Demension” Use this to get your sales team to do something “weird”. Maybe you could have them go out of their “zone” and do something that makes them uncomfortable like making phone calls or go cold calling. Contest the weird activity!

June 18th – Go Fishing Day
What a fun holiday! You can use this to have your dealers go “fishing” for new leads! Each fresh “fish” could be a $5.00 prize. What if you have your sales team go “fishing” through their sales leads and each appointment set is a prize? Have your sales manager dress up in fishing attire!

July 21st – National Junk Food Day
This can be fun in so many ways! How about offering your potential customer a free bag of chips (in celebration) just for setting an appointment? You could reward each sale made that day with a big order of nachos from the nearest Mexican restaurant. How about a pot luck junk food party? Each sales person could bring their favorite junk food and everyone shares after your daily sales meeting. Definitely a winner in my book!

August 27th – Just Because Day
This is the day your guys get to do what they want… Just because! It could also be the day YOU celebrate your favorite thing “just because”! A great way to celebrate this day is to donate a certain amount (maybe 5% of the sales total) to your sales people’s favorite charity for each sale made that day “just because” you care. People are more likely to do business with your company if they know you care about charitable organizations.

September 1st – My Birthday (also the 22nd is Elephant Appreciation Day, no relation)
How about free tickets to the local zoo? What about challenging your sales personnel to take on their “biggest” client and land a big sale? A prize for the biggest sale made that day? This is one you can surely have fun with!

October 5th – Do Something Nice Day
This is a great one! Who doesn’t want to be recognized for doing something nice? This would be a great day to have your sales reps write thank you letters to their last 30 customers! You could offer a special “Do Something Nice” discount for your customer’s for that day. Another idea is to have a drawing for each sales rep that completed a sales call to be in a drawing. You draw out one sales persons name and give that person a free gift applicable to your business. What about a free tank of gas or a free dry cleaning? Little things go a long way with contests like these.

November 6th – Marooned Without A Compass Day
I am in love with this one! Have a sales meeting and have all of your guys imagine what it would be like to be stuck in a strange location without a compass and their objective would be to make sales happen in order to be to be rescued. What is the one thing they would want to have with them?? Is it fresh leads? A good phone script? A hot prospect? This makes such a good sales meeting!

December 7th – Letter Writing Day
Actual written correspondence has become a thing of the past. The benefit to us sales people is that it is now almost guaranteed to be read. Think about it. We all get those emails we just delete and that junk mail we throw away. When we get an actual hand-written piece of mail, we open it!

Have your dealers write 10 actual letters to potential or past prospects and watch them get results! Make sure you cover the postage too!

Have you had fun reading through some of the crazy holidays we have? I know I had fun researching them! Believe it or not, there are literally hundreds of more crazy fun holidays! Make the most out of all of them!

Use Daily Recognition to Boost Sales and Contest Results

Use Daily Recognition to Boost Sales and Contest Results

There is one little thing that you are probably not doing and should that will boost your sales with very little effort and ZERO money. Recognition. That one simple thing can make a HUGE difference in your sales

Think of all the ways you can recognize accomplishments on a daily basis and use that to boost your contests:

Sales Meetings:
Have yesterday’s top achiever’s names on the white board. Make sure you include how much contest credit those sales representatives earned for their efforts.

“Casual” Remarks”:
When passing your rep in the hallway or meeting them at the coffee maker, make sure to mention how great they did yesterday and remind them of their progress on the current sales campaign.

Phone Calls:
All it takes is a 3 minute phone call to make a huge difference in your representative’s day. Just pick up the phone and tell them you noticed how well they did XYandZ yesterday and how excited you are that they earned extra credit in the weekly or monthly contest.

Social Media:
Whether its Twitter, Facebook or whatever the latest greatest social media is, giving your sales representatives a little praise online is always a winner. We post pictures with sales contracts, mention their names when they have outshined their peers and make sure to recognize anyone who has met the daily goal.

Text Messages:
This is probably the easiest! A simple “Great job yesterday! You’re well on your way to win XYZ contest!” goes a LONG way in encouraging and motivating your sales representatives to do the same thing today. Sent first thing in the morning, it is a nice way for them to start the day off with a smile.

If you really want to take your sales team to the next level, utilize ALL of these! You will be surprised how well your representatives respond to the positive attention!

If you really sit back and think about it, it doesn’t take much positive attention to motivate your sales people. It is up to you, as manager and leader, to recognize their accomplishments! Sometimes, recognizing and praising small accomplishments can lead up to bigger and better ones. Positive reinforcement is so much more effective than negative.

You want to be the person they look to when they need encouragement, not the person they are afraid of when they have had a bad day.

Above all else, remember that sales are supposed to be FUN!

Hit It & Get It vs Chance to Win Contests

Hit It & Get It vs. Chance to Win

How do you structure your contests? Do your sales representatives earn chances to win or do you put up a goal and reward them with cash or prizes for achieving the goal? Each sales contest structure has it’s place but how and when do you decide which to go with? There are advantages with each one. With “hit it & get it” contests, everyone knows what they need to do in order to receive the prize. With “chance to win” contests, everyone who accomplishes certain tasks knows that they are in the running to receive the big prize.

The big question is, how do you decide which type of contest to run?

Hit it & Get It

If your guys have had a bad go of it for the last few weeks, a “hit it & get it” is definitely in order. Put yourself in their shoes. They haven’t had any success lately. Their numbers are down. They are embarrassed in the sales meetings. Now is the perfect time to put up a “hit it & get it” so they can win a prize and get that sense of accomplishment. As the old saying goes, “a little success breeds a lot of confidence”.

Confident sales people make more sales. That is a fact. There is no easier way to instill confidence in your sales people than to have them win a contest. In a “hit it & get it” contest, I rarely contest sales. Usually, I contest the activity that results in a sale. This will be different for every industry but for us, it is contacting prospects and cold calling. Look at what it takes in your sales company to generate sales. Is it phone calls? Do personal visits to potential clients lead up to a sale? Whatever the tasks are, make those things the requirement to earn the “hit it & get it” contests.

With this type of contest, you want to keep your contest budget very reasonable. By reasonable, I mean cheap. I’m not one to advocate cheap sales contests but in this case, you want to make sure the budget allows for EVERYONE to win! For us, our salespeople use their personal vehicles to make sales calls. A gas card or free oil change is a big hit with our sales personnel. Even something simple like company t-shirts or ball caps work! You want to have your payout $50.00 or less in order for it to be a successful sales campaign.

Chance to Win

These contests are geared towards the more competitive sales people in your organization. Most sales people are competitive by nature so this will cater to their egos and make them strive to have the most chances in the contest. With “chance to win” contests, you can contest several aspects of the sales process and give your representatives tickets (or chances) for each aspect of the process. In the sales business, leads generate sales calls which generate sales. For a “chance to win” contest, we may give 5 tickets for 10 leads, 5 tickets for each sales call and another 5 tickets for a completed sale.

The way we typically pay out on the contest is your name has to be pulled at least 5 times to win the big prize.

The sales reps can qualify to win in several different categories and oftentimes, we stack the odds for the things that really need improvement (bonus tickets for activity that the company needs). These contests usually run on a monthly basis. While running a “hit it & get it” contest, make sure that your guys don’t rule themselves out as winners.

You may find that some of your sales representatives rule themselves out before the contest even begins if you make the qualifications to difficult to achieve. Make sure that it is relatively easy to qualify to enter but the producers have the most chances to actually win. The great thing about sales contests is that they give you and your sales team an opportunity to fix whatever problems you are having regarding the marketing of the products you are selling and everyone has a fun (and profitable) time doing it.

The most important thing about a contest is to have one! Remember to always have fun!!

The Power of a Punch Card to Increase Sales

The Power of a Punch Card to Increase Sales

Have you ever been to a barber shop or a smoothie place and they offer you a punch card for repeat business?  I don’t know about you, but I keep quite a few of them in my wallet.  I have one for a local nail salon, another for a make-up store, yet another for an oil change spot and I keep coming back again and again to get another punch on my card so I can save a nominal amount the next time I spend money with them!

Punch cards are tangible objects that your sales force can use to measure results!  Use them!  They work!

We just recently implemented punch cards again (we discontinued them for a few years) and within two weeks we saw measurable increases in sales and sales calls!  The results were virtually instantaneous!  It was amazing to see our sales representatives doing the things they needed to do in order to earn a punch on their card.

 Make qualifications relatively easy to achieve so they will be excited about completing all of the punches!  

For our company, we had three different ways to earn a punch.  You may be surprised that NONE of them involved actually making a sale.  I am a firm believer in the theory that if you do what it takes to make the sale (generate leads, phone calls, etc) the sales will happen.  With that in mind, we concentrated on activity required to make the sale.

You may want to make your qualifications to earn a punch phone calls or appointments scheduled. 

Our particular qualifications are:

  1. 10 qualified leads gained from a prospect
  2. 10 cold calls to potential prospects
  3. 1 appointment completed that was gained from either of the above

In our case, it is just a matter of getting qualified sales leads or completing qualified appointments.  We know that these things will ultimately results in sales and revenue for the company.  Knowing that, the qualifications for earning a punch card will result in more sales and more revenue.

Our punch cards take ten punches to pay out.  The reward is roughly $25 of product they can use to sweeten the deal on sales calls or to use personally.  This makes this a win/win for us! Not only are our guys trying just a bit harder to do the things that it takes to make sales happen, they are given “free” products that help make even more sales happen!  Not only that, the customers like to help the sales people earn more punches on their cards!

 Your representatives can use the punch cards to entice our customers to help!

If done properly, your sales representatives can use the punch cards to get your customers to help them earn more credits!  Train your sales people to show your customers your punch cards.  If your sales people have made friends with their clients (lets hope they have!), your clients will want to help your sales people earn bonuses and punch cards are the perfect way for them to help!

The cards are very affordable.  You don’t have to spend a ton for them to look top-notch.  Personally, I use Vista Print for our cards at the office.  For $20 plus shipping, we have earned literally THOUSANDS in the first two weeks!

You will be surprised at how well the punch cards work and how excited your sales team will be to participate in the promotion provided that the prize they win once the punch card is complete is good enough.  You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for this to be a success!  Just think of how little the payout is for the ones you carry in your wallet (free oil change, free smoothie).  Are you as shocked as I was when I realized how much I value those cards for how little they are actually worth when cashed in?

Vista Print has a very user friendly interface to create your own cards.  Within 10 minutes, my order was completed and the cards were on the way.  Within a week, I had them in my hand (I am not affiliated with Visa Print in any way, I just highly recommend them).

Give it a try and share your results!

Good luck and have fun!