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Motivate Your Sales People With Individual Challenges!

Motivate Your Sales People With Individual Challenges!

We all have that salesperson who is amazing when they are motivated and “on” and who just lazes around once they get some money in their pocket.  What can you do to get the guy with all the talent and skill but none of the motivation to get off their butt and DO SOMETHING?  How about an “Individual Challenge”?

 Individual challenges are unique in that not only do they motivate the salesperson, it is also a form of positive recognition. 

Here’s how it works:  Look at what your super star is CAPABLE of…  Don’t look at their best month or their best week but look at your numbers to see what you think that sales person could do if given the right motivation.  Once you have done that, come up with a budget you can live with and a reasonable time frame (I suggest one month).

The next thing to do is meet with that salesperson, one on one.  Make sure this meeting is very light-hearted and friendly, perhaps even a lunch meeting.  Find out what their goals are for the next time frame you have previously decided.  More than likely, they don’t have any goals at all!  Since you just looked at the numbers, you should be able to come up with a reasonable goal that is a bit of a stretch for them but still remains attainable.

Once you both have agreed on what a “reasonable” goal is for the time period, ask him or her what it would take for them to go just a little more and exceed those goals.  At THIS time, let them know you would like to arrange a PERSONAL CHALLENGE just between you and them.  From talking with them, find a prize that is both within your specified budget and something they really want.

Let’s just say your budget for that one person for the month is $300.00.  If you’ve followed my advice, you will know what your budget is before you have even met with your representative.  During your meeting with your potential super-star representative, they mention they would really like to have the latest and greatest gaming system.  Assume that gaming system retails for $250.00.  That leaves you with $50.00 extra dollars to really entice them to carry out the challenge.

The conversation might go like this:

Manager – “Billy, I know you’ve been hitting XYZ numbers but I feel like if you really push yourself, you can exceed that by 10%”

Billy – “You’re right, I probably could”

Manager – “Well, Billy, to be honest, I have thought of putting you in a special personal challenge.  If I were to do that, what would you want to earn as a prize?”

Billy – “You know I’d really love to have a Super Duper Gaming System.  At $250.00, it’s hard to justify spending that kind of money”

Manager – “I tell you what, Billy, if you hit XYZ numbers, not only will I give you that gaming system, I will also throw in a $50.00 gift card to the game store!  That should give you a little extra towards buying the game you want!”

That’s it in a nutshell.  It is simple and easy and your representative gets to pick whatever cash or prizes motivates them!

Make sure you keep the challenge between the two of you.  This is not a contest you want to broadcast until your sales person has earned it.

At the end of the challenge, if your representative has earned the bonus, THAT is when you want to promote it.  At the VERY NEXT sales meeting, make a big deal that you have put “Billy” in a personal challenge and reward that representative in front of everyone.  This way, next month (or time period), you can put a few guys in their own personal challenges and they will work really hard to get the recognition that “Billy” got last month.

If your chosen sales person didn’t reach the goals you put forth, meet with him or her again to reassess their goals and put them in yet another personal challenge.  You’d be surprised at how much activity you will gain from that personal recognition of what each one is capable of.

Good luck and have fun!


FREE Sales Contests! 10 Ways To Motivate Your Sales Team Without Spending a Dime!

FREE Contests! 10 ways to Motivate Your Sales Team Without Spending a Dime!

Sometimes we get so caught up in contests and promotions and kill ourselves trying to come up with the next new perfect thing and completely forget about things we can do to motivate people without spending a lot of money on cash and prizes.

1 – Special Parking Spot. Okay. You do have to spend a little money getting the sign made but that’s negligible when it comes to the prestige of having a top sales parking spot. You only pay for the sign once, it pays for itself month in and month out. Make it a sweet spot that EVERYONE wants and put a sign. Make an announcement at the end of the last sales period that “John” has earned top sales and is therefore privileged enough to park in that spot.

2 – Top Dog message board. This one really is absolutely free. We all have white boards in our sales meeting room. Have a “top dog” spot. The top dog from last week (or yesterday!) gets to have their name displayed on the top of the board all week or all day long.

3 – Top Dog benefits!  Now that your “top dog” has their name displayed at the top of the board, allow them the “honor” of holding part of the sales meeting every day. Keep their portion of the meeting short and sweet. Not only does this allow the others to hear from someone who is rocking and rolling, it gives YOU a little breathing room too!

4 – VIP Treatment! Who doesn’t want VIP treatment? Let your top guy have the red carpet treatment for the week. No matter what your business or your office set up, your guys have their favorites of everything. Let those things be exclusive to the weekly VIP. Have a special VIP chair for the meetings that is more comfortable than therest, have your receptionist make him coffee just the way he likes it. Whatever you can think of within your office, have the top salesperson get VIP treatment all the way for the whole week. I promise you, the other ones will work hard to be “king of the week” next week.

5 – Lunch Boss! Every company is different so this may or may not apply to your organization. In our office, we all decide collectively where we are going to order from. It would be a great way to recognize your guys by letting them decide where to order lunch from for the week. Maybe you have a cafeteria… Let the top sales person be NUMBER ONE in line!

6 – Insider Perks. Let your top dog be “in” on important meetings and actually listen to their input. Not only do they get to feel important, you get a whole new perspective of things and will probably benefit from their input!

7 – Time with the BOSS! Believe it or not, your sales team values time with you more than you realize. Just having undivided time with you is invaluable to them! Take them to lunch with you, let them shoot a game of pool with you or a round of golf. A little goes a long way with this category!

8 – Let them help you plan the NEXT contest! By involving your top guy in planning your next contest you make them feel important. As a side benefit, you get to see what really motivates your sales team!

9 – Give them a “bye”. In sports, sometimes teams get to automatically qualify to compete with other teams. Perhaps your “top dog” would earn a “bye” for the next contest and automatically earn extra entries in the next drawing or contest for being the number one guy the previous week!

10 – Best for the best! Let your number one guy for last week have access to the number one leads for this week! Like in the classic sales movie “Glen Gary, Glen Ross”, the leads go to the closers! The best sales person last week deserves their pick of the sales leads (or appointments) for this week.

When its all said and done, creating a winning sales team all boils down to recognition.

You CANNOT recognize your people for their achievements too much.

Don’t praise them for bad work but find ANY good reason to notice them for doing the right things!

Always remember to HAVE FUN!


5 Quick & Easy Sales Contests You Can Use Today!

5 Quick & Easy Sales Contests You Can Use Today!

 1.  Missing Key

Set-up is easy.  Simply get two padlocks from the same brand.  Throw one lock away (or put to the side) but save the key.  Have 20 copies (or 50 or 100) of the key made for the lock that you threw away.  Have ONE key that will open the lock you will be using.  Have a lock box or a door that will open with the correct key.  Toss all of the keys in a bag.

Contest:  Each time your employee accomplishes a specified task (books an appointment, completes a sale, etc), they earn a key.  On payout day, draw names to see what order they can choose keys from the bag.  The key that opens the lock wins the prize inside.  The prizes can be as simple as a dinner for two or as elaborate as you want to go!  We did this with keys to a Jeep!  Whichever key cranked it up got to keep the vehicle!

 Tip:  You can find lock (treasure) boxes at craft stores for a very low price!

 2.  High Card

Get some HUGE playing cards at your local party store.  Our local store only carries the face cards but I have found a whole deck on Amazon.  Lay all the cards face down on a table.  Your salespeople earn tickets in a drawing for completing a sale (or generating leads or whatever you need them to do)  Have a drawing and the winner gets to pick a card.  Better yet, have a drawing and have four winners who all get to select a card.  Have them hold the cards up all at the same time for a dramatic reveal.  The person with the high card (Ace of Spades) wins the jackpot or prize.

 3.  Dice for Dollars

This is great for a phone room contest or to get your guys on the phones with potential customers.  Buy some big foam dice.  Each time your telemarketer or sales person makes an appointment they get to roll the dice.  They earn dollars for every dot on the dice.  You can use one die (up to $6.00 per appointment) or use two if your budget allows.

This can be a really fun game as those foam dice go everywhere when you roll them!

 4.  Bottoms Up Cup

This is a fun, interactive game that you only need a pack of Solo cups for!  Buy a pack of solo cups and turn them all “bottoms up” on a table.  Have a prize (or 10) under randomly selected cups.  You can just print up a piece of paper with their winnings on it or, if you are feeling extra creative, use something that indicates what they have won.  For example, if they are in a contest to win a trip to the beach, you could have a small sunscreen bottle under the winning cups.  You can have as many winners as you’d like!  Just put all of the contestants in a drawing and let them earn tickets for whatever activity you need them to do.  When their name is pulled, they get to select a cup for “bottoms up”!

 5.  Balloon Pop

Inexpensive and easy to set up!  Simply buy a pack of balloons at a discount store (usually less than $5.00 for 100).  Type or print prizes, fold several times to fit into mouth of the balloon.  Just blow them up, tie them off and you are set up!  You can attach them to a wall with pushpins or tape or simply have them in a giant box or basket.  The winner gets to pop a balloon and get the prize inside!  For even more fun, find some giant balloons online and make it a HUGE payout!

There you go, five easy sales contest ideas you can implement right away!  The most important thing is to have fun!  The more fun your guys have, the more productive they will be!

Have FUN!


The power of a daily sales contest – Motivate your sales team with $1.00!

As sales managers, we often times focus on long-term contests to motivate our sales force.  When we do this, we miss out on the energy and productivity of a quick one day contest!  Put yourself in the shoes of your sales people.  What do they want on a daily basis?  Recognition!  Employee recognition is more important to them than almost anything you can do.

  Combine a chance to win cash or prizes with recognition and you are guaranteed to see results! 

When running a quick sprint or daily contest, it gives you the opportunity to focus on what your team needs the most.  The first thing to look at is where your “hole” is.  Do you need more prospects?  Is your database low on sales leads?  Are your guys making enough phone calls?  Maybe you need to have more demonstrations or sales presentations?  Lastly, maybe your guys need a little extra push to close those sales.

Whatever the “hole in the dam” of your business is, identify it and use a one-day contest to push your team into the action that your business needs!

Let’s look at the order of which the sale takes place (regardless of industry):

1.  Prospecting (finding the leads) – this may be placing ads online or in the newspaper, trade shows or home shows, cold calling or contacting previous buyers.

This has to occur before ANY other action can take place.  If your guys have no leads to contact, there certainly can’t be any sales made.  There is no one to sell to.

 2.  Contacting the leads – if your business doesn’t have enough appointments or sales calls and you have a database full of leads, this is the hole in your dam.

 3.  Is your product being displayed enough times?  Are you showing that house as many times as you’d like to?  Are your guys meeting with decision makers, pushing for the sale?  If your company doesn’t have enough chances to make a sale, sales will not happen!

4.  Closing the sale:  typically on daily contests, closing is the last thing to promote.  We all know that if you get your guys into action, doing the things that result in sales, the sales will happen!

As a company, money is not made until the sale is made.  Therefore, unless you are contesting the sale itself, you want to have a smaller budget.  For a daily contest, you want your budget to be roughly 1% of the sales price of your product, per representative.  For example, if your product sells for $100.00, your representative would have a chance to win $1.00.

 I know that $1.00 sounds low but I’m about to show you how to multiply that for both you and them!

Let’s look at this $1.00.  It is almost nothing in the grand scheme of things but you can turn that dollar into a hundred more!  Suppose your “hole” in your business is phone calls.  Your guys are just plain unmotivated to even pick up the phone.  If you’re like me, your initial reaction is for your blood pressure to go up and you want to whack them upside the head with the phone.  But… we can’t do that.  What we can do as leaders is give them a little positive push!

Get all of your guys together and announce that you’d like to buy them all lunch today.  Explain that they are all grown men and women and know by now there is no such thing as a free lunch.  For each contact (not phone call), they will receive $1.00.  They have one hour to get in touch with as many people as they can to set appointments for sales calls.  You’d be surprised how quickly those phone lines are buzzing with potential sales on the other end of the line.  Be sure to pay them that dollar just as soon as they are finished with that phone call.  THE RECOGNITION is just as important as the money!

In the next step, I’ll show you how to turn those little dollars into big dollars!

Add a little bonus on it for both them and your company!  Tell them that not only do you want to buy their lunch today but you want to buy them dinner Friday night!  Before they even get on the phones, let them know that they get that dollar for getting the contact but if that contact results in a sales call or presentation (or home showing or however your particular business works), you will give them $5.00 for each one!

 Will they really work for that low amount?  Yes!  Its free dinner!!

What you want to do is specify a time frame that they have to complete that sales call.  I personally like to keep it within three days at the longest.  The whole reason for the daily contest is activity NOW – not next week or next month.  Once that time frame that you specify is over, pay each of them the “free dinner” money that they have earned.  Be sure to do this in front of the group, preferably at a sales meeting.  Again, the RECOGNITION of having earned it is just as important as the money they are getting.

That is only one example of a one day contest (that turned into a weekly boost).  Check back here soon!  I’m working on a list of easy to promote contests that are great for your sales people as well as your phone room!

Good luck and happy selling!  Remember to HAVE FUN!!